Garcinia Cambogia Dosage for Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage IngredientsThe golden rule with Garcinia Cambogia is that the more you take, the more weight you are going to lose. With that being said, you should never take more than your doctor recommends you to take.

When it comes to the Garcinia Cambogia dosage, the golden rule is that the more you take, the more weight you will lose. We are not saying that you need to overdose in order to lose weight because you still need to keep your levels at a healthy point, which is to avoid potential side effects.

The ideal Garcinia Cambogia dosage is around 3000 mg per day and you should not exceed that level.

It is not a good idea to take more than 3000 mg per day; if you feel you want to take more, you really need to talk to your doctor first and discuss what Garcinia Cambogia dosage is right for you.

However, don’t worry, 3000 mg is a lot and will help you to lose weight.

Take Your Garcinia Cambogia Dosage between 30 Minutes to 1 Hour before Each Main Meal

Timing is very important when it comes to getting the most out of Garcinia Cambogia. It is best if you take the supplement between 30 minutes and 1 hour before each of your main meals. If you take the capsules too close to your meals, you may risk some of the food ingredients binding to the Garcinia supplement. This can make the supplement less effective and sometimes even worthless.

If you take your Garcinia Cambogia supplement between 30 minutes and 1 hour before your meal, the timing for weight loss will be perfect. This is because the effects of the ingredients will peak 2 hours after you take the supplement. This is perfect because it will match the digestion of the food and your weight loss will subsequently become more effective.

For the best results, you should take a dosage of between 800 and 1000 mg before each meal.

Eat Between 5 and 6 Meals per Day for Optimal Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, it is best if you eat between 5 and 6 smaller meals spread out during the day. Three of these are your main meals, which is when you take your Garcinia Cambogia dosage.

That way your metabolism will be working all day; staying busy digesting the food you have been eating. This will burn extra calories and help you to lose weight.

It is important never to take your entire Garcinia Cambogia dosage for the entire day in one meal. If you forget to take one dosage, you just skip it to the next meal.

Get the Right Garcinia Cambogia Dosage with 800 to 1000 mg Capsules

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, the ideal Garcinia Cambogia dosage is around 3000 mg per day. This means that either 800 mg or 1000 mg capsules are the ideal choice for you.

Get the Right Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) Dosage

In order to make your Garcinia Cambogia supplement as powerful as possible, the HCA dosage should be at least 50%. Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract, which we recommend, will give you 1000 mg capsules and 60% HCA.

There are Garcinia Cambogia supplements available with a HCA dosage of up to 75%. Using these will increase your chances of experiencing side effects quite a lot.

Get Yourself a Free Trial of Garcinia Cambogia Vibe Pure Extract

With the Garcinia Cambogia supplement that we recommend you to use, you will get the perfect dosage. This amount will make your weight loss as effective as possible and at the same time keep you as safe as possible when it comes to avoiding potential side effects.

It’s important to know that there is a free trial available of Garcinia Cambogia Vibe Pure Extract. This is the perfect opportunity to get started using Garcinia Cambogia and experience all of the benefits while using this supplement.

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